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Mining conveyor belt

We appreciate Safety First as a conveyor belt manufacturer and installer. Especially the mining industry poses numerous threats, which makes it very important to carefully follow the safety regulations. Therefore all our tasks are carried out with the utmost safety standards. We are familiar with the rules of the country where we perform our tasks. Also, we at Dunlop Service Ghana meet with all safety standards, both nationally and internationally. This way we can ensure a process as safe as possible.

Cost-effective solution

Also after installation it is important that your employees can work under safe conditions. Therefore Dunlop Conveyor Belting provides conveyor belts that can operate even under the heaviest of circumstances. Also Dunlop Service Africa provides conveyor belts, which are designed to heavy weights as well as highly resistant to wear and tear due to multiple usage. That makes it possible for our conveyor belts to transport thousands of tonnes per hour, which will result in the lowest transport costs per tonne and is therefore profitable. This guarantees the best price/quality ratio and a cost-effective solution, offered by Dunlop Conveyor Belting. It is for both underground and above ground use.

Belts resistant to extreme changes in temperature

Since temperature differences underground and above ground may be quite different, we at Dunlop Conveyor Belting have manufactured conveyor belts that are resistant to this. Since there is a high risk of fire in underground mines, for instance as a result of coal dust, Dunlop Service Africa offers not only extra strong, but also fireproof conveyor belts. This ensures a minimum of (financial) damage in case of a fire breakout and enables your production process to continue.