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Joining conveyor belts

Joining belt ends: endless splicing or mechanical belt fastening?

When a conveyor belt is being heavily used, it is logical for the connection between the two ends of the belt to become the weakest spot. To make this connection solid and strong, there are different methods available: the ends can be joined by endless splicing or mechanical fasteners to ensure that it can continue to provide efficient output for many more years and to prevent the negative effects of any downtime. Endless splicing methods include both hot splicing as well as cold splicing. With different techniques, both methods ensure that breaks in the belt no longer exist; it will be a smooth and seamless unit. On the other hand, mechanical fasteners remain visible.

We invest in knowledge

At our production plant in the Netherlands, our engineers produce the right belt for your conveyor, and our team on the ground in Ghana makes sure that the splicing procedure is done professionally. We have invested in recruitment and training of the best possible conveyor belt splicing teams. Joining conveyor belts is what they are good at and therefore we can offer the best splicing service; on site as well as off site.