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Conveyor belt repair

Dunlop Conveyor Belting manufactures and distributes conveyor belts worldwide. There are establishments in Europe, North and South-America, Asia, Africa and Australia. The Dunlop employees ensure the best conveyor belts, using their experience and skills. Because Dunlop Conveyor Belting vulcanises its conveyor belts, the belts become stronger and last much longer than the competitor’s conveyor belts. At purchase, the conveyor belt will be installed and maintained. This gives you an immediate overview of the purchase and maintenance costs and will prevent unpleasant surprises afterwards. We are aware of the importance of conveyor belts operating consistently. Therefore we frequently carry out routine inspections, and advise you how to get the best out of you conveyor belt and how to have it operating as long as possible, optimally.

24/7 service

Should any problems occur with your conveyor belt, our highly trained staff will resolve this straight away. This way, you avoid any loss of profit. Using our 24/7 service for emergencies, Dunlop Conveyor Belting Ghana is always at your service. In addition you can of course always make an appointment to have your conveyor belts or components installed, maintained or repaired. Thanks to our substantial stock in the Africa Service Centre we can always provide you with extra components for your conveyor belt. Do you wish to optimise your conveyor belt? Our employees can assemble any troughing idlers, rollers, belt scrapers, rubber sheeting, corrugated sidewalls, guiding profiles, spill edges and cleats on your demand. Our team is always at your service.