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Conveyor belt pulleys

In addition to the importance of using the correct conveyor belt, we at Dunlop Conveyor Belting are also aware of the relevance of conveyor belt pulleys. These are the actual ‘muscles’ behind the conveyor belt. Without the pulleys, the belt won’t run. When purchasing pulleys it is very important to choose the correct ones. A pulley that is too light cannot handle a heavy load, however strong the belt may be. A pulley that’s too heavy uses an unnecessary amount of power and will subsequently stretch your budget. In addition, using the correct pulley is crucial to the service life and the performance capacity of your conveyor belt. The pulley also ensures a reliable system.

Optimal production

Therefore, we at Dunlop Service Africa provide you with the best pulleys available, to ensure optimal production for you. For example, you have the possibility to have all-steel pulleys installed, which will not be affected by possible acids. On top of that, we offer rubber armoured pulleys, to ensure your conveyor belt will move as little as possible during the production.


In whatever industry you’re working, our highly trained engineers will determine which pulley is best in every situation. Our aim is for you to have as little downtime and as much profit as possible. Therefore we offer quality. With our routine test procedure, we guarantee excellent working pulleys. In addition we offer a routine maintenance service. Doing that, our specialised team can minimise the chance of stagnation of your production and prevent future problems. In case your pulley gets damaged or broken, you can immediately contact our 24/7 service. They will assist you in repairing or replacing your pulley straight away.