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Conveyor belt jointing adhesive

Cold splicing adhesive system

Cold splicing of your conveyor belts is done by our conveyor belt specialists by using high quality materials. They use Dunlop products to produce a solid result so that the belt can be used intensively for many more years to come. They use the Dunlop Enerkol adhesive system to bond conveyor belts with a textile carcass together. This conveyor belt jointing adhesive consists of several components: Enerkol cement, Enerkol activator, Enerkol primer and cleaning solvent. This adhesive system is highly suitable for wear-resistant qualities and also for belt pulley lagging (in combination with a special steel primer).

A jointing adhesive for your conveyor belt

When your conveyor belt needs to be repaired, you naturally want this to be done as soon as possible of course. The specialists that can help you to repair your conveyor as quickly as possible and get your production going again at the Dunlop Service centre in Ghana. They will help you to minimise the consequences of a breakdown and ensure that your output is restored quickly. You can call on our comprehensive and personal service 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. If repair is possible, our specialists will carry this out in a professional manner using the Dunlop Enerkol conveyor belt jointing adhesive, or with our other products for professional use. Thanks to our extensive inventory in the Dunlop Africa Service centre, we will always have access to any of the functional components required for a potential repair of your conveyor belt.