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Conveyor belt cleats

Dunlop Conveyor Belting represents quality, also where it concerns conveyor belt cleats. Good quality is imperative to prevent bending or damage as a result of heavy burdens. We offer the best quality, thanks to our unprecedented vulcanisation.

Long-lasting cleats

Rubber in itself is not strong enough to be able to handle heavy loads. Because our well educated experts at Dunlop Conveyor Belting add sulphur to the rubber and subsequently heat this mixture, we can create the strongest rubber in the market as our end product. This rubber will eventually last a lot longer than the competitors’ rubber parts. Due to the strength of our cleats, the conveyor belt won’t get damaged or stop working, even transporting products at a higher angle. Similarly the vulcanisation will cause the cleats to be able to withstand oil, heat and fire. The thickness and strength of the cleats also ensure a longer service life expectancy. This will enable you to keep using your Dunlop cleat after replacing you conveyor belt.

Cleats for every industry

The purchase of cleats helps your conveyor belt to distribute your items to transport or to keep goods from moving when being transported diagonally. We offer the appropriate conveyor belting cleats for every industry. Thanks to our substantial stock in the Africa Service Centre we can always be of service concerning extra cleats or replacement cleats or in case you need other components for your conveyor belt. None customary cleats are available on request.