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Conveyor belt cleaners

Dunlop Conveyor Belting provides you with both the best quality conveyor belts and extra components to get the utmost out of your machine. It can cause a substantial backlog, should your conveyor belt fail to operate optimally.

Remains may cause problems

A widespread problem is that of remains of minerals, liquids etc. adhering to the conveyor belt after the discharge point. These remains could come loose after this point, over the total length of the conveyor belt. Besides unnecessary cleaning costs, this causes loss of product afterwards. Also remains may result in the conveyor belt not operating consistently and efficiently, which makes you lose valuable time. Finally, remains of minerals of liquids can cause premature deterioration or even fracture of the conveyor belt or the idlers, that makes the machine use more power or calls for components to be replaced. As a result you have unnecessary maintenance costs, cleaning costs and repair costs.

The solution

Consider this: this major problem can be solved using just one simple component: a conveyor belt cleaner. Dunlop Service Africa offers a wide range of conveyor belt cleaners. Because of this, for every industry or conveyor belt an appropriate conveyor belt cleaner is available. A small investment in the right conveyor belt cleaners can result in lower maintenance costs and an increasing service life expectancy for your conveyor belt and its components. Also, adding conveyor belt cleaners will ensure that your conveyor belt will continue to operate efficiently and consistently.

Installation service

When you purchase conveyor belt cleaners, make sure you choose the right type and install it correctly. Our expert team will be happy to be of assistance and can help you to install your conveyor belt cleaner. Also in case of maintenance problems, you can always contact us. Thanks to the 24/7 Dunlop Service Africa service we can assist you throughout the day.