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Case Study 2 – Extension in belt life

Fast cycling conveyor

In this long-established quarry the first conveyor after the crusher is only 18m long, meaning that it cycles very quickly. This, combined with the high abrasiveness of the material, was necessitating its replacement every two weeks.

Our Solution

The quarry managers were wary of trying a new solution, having had many failures in the past, but our engineers presented specifications and performance calculations that persuaded them to try Dunlop Trioflex 500/3 6+2 RS 1000mm.

The Challenges

Access to the conveyor was very limited and working conditions were therefore difficult. A crane was needed to remove the old belt and also to get the vulcanizing press in situ on the conveyor in order for the splice to be carried out.

The Result

Belt life has been increased from two weeks to six months.

After using the Trioflex, the quarry decided to choose our heavy-duty UsFlex 630/1 6+3 RS belt. It resulted in extending the belt life even further, to as much as one year.