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Case Study 1 – Improved belt life

Improved belt life in high impact environment

Large and hard rocks

The rocks conveyed at this large and modern quarry are both large in size and very hard, and as a result have a very high impact on conveyor belt. One conveyor in particular, situated next to the crusher, was particularly affected, with belts lasting an average of less than two months.

Our Solution

We specified Dunlop UsFlex 1000/2 8+3 12mm belt. UsFlex has an innovative heavy duty carcass that out-performs traditional multi-ply belts in almost every respect. The major advantage of UsFlex is its extremely strong 'straight-warp' construction giving it superior impact, rip and tear resistance, first class operational performance and extended life span.

The Challenges

The total length of the conveyor was longer than the standard roll length, which meant a first splice on the ground before using heavy machinery to pull the weight of the belt in position. We were able to do this to our pre-agreed schedule and completed the task smoothly without complications

The Result

The UsFlex belt was installed in March 2013 and to date shows no signs of serious damage.

Belt life has therefore been increased significantly. At the time of writing the belt has been in operation for more than one and a half years, increased from the two-months belt life previously experienced.